Baking Up A Mystery!

Been a crazy few weeks! Dealing with the last of the beta edits and well into planning Book 2 - No Title Yet. Add in a pinch of NaNoWriMo planning (National Novel Writing Month in November), two more Writing Weekend Retreats with The Hive coming up, daughter's hunt for an internship to complete her degree … Continue reading Baking Up A Mystery!

2018 A Novel Journey to Publication

Not like one of those boring travelogues that drone on about the picturesque countryside and charming culture of the indigenous wordsmiths, but one of those outlandish races through the jungle, hunting the elusive Hippocorn and desperately seeking allies against the dreaded jungle faeries before they steal your laptop and force you to ...

Time for NaNoWriMo

  October is generally a time when families are getting ready for Halloween, and years ago I used to work towards painting miniatures for the MMSI Chicago Show, anniversary plans for the end of October, and my own birthday plans for the beginning of November. But now?  Now, October means prepping for NaNoWriMo, National Novel … Continue reading Time for NaNoWriMo

Retreat Might Not Be The Write Word

After getting seriously ill for awhile, and having to cancel a planned Writers Retreat we were all looking forward to, we finally rescheduled and re-planned a new retreat for our Hive Mind this weekend. The Hive, if I haven't mentioned them before, is my close group of writing friends who help me work through the … Continue reading Retreat Might Not Be The Write Word